An entertaining primary school incursion starring a recycled robot which will inspire kids to be creative, resourceful and sustainably smart.

New to WA Schools in 2019


Bring the Steampunk Dalek Roadshow to your school and watch your students’ eyes brighten with excitement. The Steampunk Dalek is a recycled superstar that never fails to impress and delight young audiences. Read more ...


The Steampunk Dalek Roadshow is presented by eco-steampunk ambassador, Shay Howard plus special guest presenter, Vince Austin. Vince is the incredible inventor of the Steampunk Dalek and specialises in creating art from reclaimed materials. Read more ...

Be one of the first WA schools to host the Steampunk Dalek Roadshow.

Entertaining!   Fun!   Inspirational!   Educational!

Add the STEAMPUNK DALEK ROADSHOW to your school's event
calendar to help teach
the cross-curriculum focus of Sustainability.